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Guide of the mouse and keyboard
Keyboard Navigation
up/down arrowwalk forward/backward
left/right arrowturn left/right
Page-up/downgo vertically up/down
Ctrl+up/down arrowlook up/down
Shift+left/right arrowmove left/right
Shift+up/down arrowgo vertically up/down
+ (plus)walk faster
- (minus)walk slower
Mouse Navigation
leftpicking object and view the details from database
rightstart/stop walking
Shift+rightgo up/down/left/right
Ctrl+rightlook up/down
A simple introduction of the project.
The objects in the 3D scene are organized in a tree view in the page. Click any object to view the detail information.
In the details page, click Go To button to locate the camera in front of the object in the 3D scene.
The pre-defined tours are listed here. Click any tour, the camera will walk automatically along the guide way which has been created. To stop the tour, right click the mouse in the 3D scene.
Send your suggestion to us online.
hide/display navigation buttons
Using the checkbox to toggle the navigation buttons in the 3D scence to show or hide.
play/stop background sound
Using the image button to toggle the backgournd sound to play or stop.
walk speed
A progress bar indicates the walking speed. You can drag the button on the bar to set the speed, or input a figure (1-100) in the cell.
Help message panel.
Full Screen
Using this button to toggle the information panel to show or hide.